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A to Z of waste and recycling services

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Please use the Brown Bin

Contact us for further information.

There are 4 fully manned Recycling Centres at the Cleansing Depots in South Ayrshire.
Civic Amenity sites are provided for use by householders to dispose of items that the refuse and recycling crew are unable to collect. The sites are located in Ayr, Troon, Maybole and Girvan.

South Ayrshire Council offer a full glass recycling service for your business as part of our Commercial Waste Services.

Please use the Green Bin

From 27th February 2012 use the Blue Bin.

Only deposit glass containers such as bottles and jars. Containers which hold food, pharmaceutical and household items in glass bottles are all recyclable as well as beer and wine bottles.

Do NOT put light bulbs, Pyrex dishes, flat window glass and drinking glasses in the blue bin or Glass Recycling Points, as these require much higher temperatures for recycling.

Please use the Blue Bin

Clean cardboard only (cardboard with no food residue)

Please use the Brown Bin. Please ensure branches are no greater than 10cm in diameter.

Please contact us to arrange a special collection or alternatively you can take it to your local community recycling centre.

Please use the Green Bin

Your green bin is for waste that cannot be recycled. Your green bin will be emptied every 2 weeks, alternating with your blue and brown recycling bins.

You can recycle your grocery bags at your local supermarket. ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons all have containers outside stores for bags to be collected.

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