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A to Z of waste and recycling services

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List of services for: A

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Please advice the Council of any abandoned cars in your street or locality before they become a hazard.

Please use the Green Bin

Please use the Blue Bin

Please use the Blue Bin

Clean or unused. Please use the Blue Bin

Please use the Green Bin

Contact us for further information.

Use in the garden. Wood ash is a great soil improver for both clay and sandy soils.

Please contact us or take to your local recycling centre

There are 4 fully manned Recycling Centres at the Cleansing Depots in South Ayrshire.
Civic Amenity sites are provided for use by householders to dispose of items that the refuse and recycling crew are unable to collect. The sites are located in Ayr, Troon, Maybole and Girvan.

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