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Budget 2016/17 - 2018/19

Educational Services

Educational Services works to ensure all children and young people in South Ayrshire are safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included, so they become confident and successful with the necessary skills for learning, life and work. The service provides education to more than 14,000 pupils at 41 primary schools, eight secondary schools, two special schools and five supported learning centres in mainstream schools. Pre-school provision is provided through three nursery schools, 31 nursery classes and 11 partnership nurseries. Five breakfast clubs, five out-of-school care services, two holiday clubs and a crèche service with eight crèche programmes are also provided.

Pupil attainment and achievement is further enhanced through Active Schools, Psychological Services, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Music and Instrumental Service, Outdoor Learning/Dolphin House and specialist teaching provision in Modern Languages, Physical Education and Additional Support Needs.

School Management

The service provides support and management for staffing and resources for schools and educational establishments including teachers, support staff, performance management, property management, school estate planning, school catchments and school transport.

Management Action | Further Development Required | Community Views Required

2016/17 Amount2017/18 Amount2018/19 Amount
Reduce ‘roll adjustment’ budget to reflect falling school rolls£491,000
Reduce ‘central flexibility’ budget, which supports teaching staff costs£50,000£100,000
Reduce levels of additional support needs transport£50,000£50,000
Reduce transport budget for special excursions in schools£10,560
Reduce central budgets for schools’ supplies and services £25,000£25,000
Reduce maintenance costs for the SEEMIS management information computer system£10,000
Remove enhanced travel for Mainholm/Dalmilling, which is outwith the statutory guidelines£10,000
Remove school support staff absence budget £14,516
Reduce central admin non-employee budgets e.g. postage, stationery £10,000
Remove underspend in school water filter budgets £1,000
Reduce cost of contract for school window cleaning£6,000
2016/17 Amount2017/18 Amount2018/19 Amount
Review centrally-based educational services staff£250,000
Review management structures in secondary schools£168,000
Introduce term-time working arrangements for school-based technicians£100,000
Reduce school employee travel costs through greater use of technology (such as online meetings, conference calls) and car-sharing £12,000
2016/17 Amount2017/18 Amount2018/19 Amount
Remove school transport provision from Maybole Road, Ayr to Alloway Primary (which is outwith the Council criteria for free school transport), bringing it in line with all other schools£25,000
Reduce programme of primary school swimming lessons to reflect more targeted approach£40,000
Introduce small charge for administering school funds for excursions, events and fundraising activities£20,000
Increase sharing of Head Teachers in small schools £25,000

Learning and Raising Standards

Learning and Raising Standards is responsible for curriculum development, service planning, validated self-evaluation, performance reporting, partnership working and raising attainment in schools.

Management Action | Community Views Required

2016/17 Amount2017/18 Amount2018/19 Amount
Reduce central budget for Scottish Qualifications Authority exams£20,000
Reduce budget available for instructors’ absence £4,879
2016/17 Amount2017/18 Amount2018/19 Amount
Reduce centrally-held Curriculum for Excellence and Determined to Succeed budgets, which support purchase of relevant materials for the new courses that have been developed£100,000£50,000
Reduce school-based Curriculum for Excellence budget, which supports the purchase of relevant materials for the new courses that have been developed£60,000

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