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General Swimming

Due to events on 15/06/2024 and 16/06/2024, we are expecting the Citadel Leisure Centre Car Park to be busier than normal. Please allow some extra time to attend our facility. Alternative parking will be available: - KA7 1DT (Car Park opposite the Horizon Hotel). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

All ages and abilities welcome to our General Swim sessions!

Please note, our Child Admission Policy applies at all times, click here for info.

DayStart TimeClass/Session NameVenueLocationNotes
Monday 12:30-18:30General Swim Maybole Leisure ClubPoolRookie Lifeguard  4-4.30pm Shared access during this time.
Monday12:00-13:15General SwimTroon Leisure ClubTeaching Pool 
Monday13:15-15:15General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain Pool /Teaching Pool 
Monday13:15-16:30General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Monday14:30-15:30General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Monday19.30-20.30General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday 09:00-10:00General Swim Maybole Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday09.30-12.00General SwimTroon Leisure ClubMain Pool 
Tuesday10:00-12:00General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday 11:00-13:00General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday13.15-15.45General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Tuesday13:15-16:15General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain Pool  
Tuesday13:30-15:30General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday 14:00-15:30 General Swim*Maybole Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday14.15-15.15General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Tuesday15.00-19.00General Swim Citadel Leisure CentreTeaching Pool 
Tuesday17.45-19.00General Swim Citadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Tuesday 19:00-20:30General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Tuesday19.00-20.00General SwimTroon Leisure ClubMain Pool 
Wednesday 12:30-13:30 General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Wednesday13:00-15:00General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Wednesday13:15-15:00General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreTeaching Pool 
Wednesday13.15-16:15General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain Pool  
Wednesday14:30-17:00General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Wednesday15.30-18:00General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Wednesday18.00-20:30General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain Pool 
Wednesday 20:45-21:30General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Thursday 09:00-10:00General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Thursday 11:00-15:30General Swim*Maybole Leisure ClubPool 
Thursday13.15-17.00General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreTeaching Pool 
Thursday13:15-18:00General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Thursday13:45-15:00General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain Pool 
Thursday13:45-15:30General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Thursday19:15-21:45General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain Pool 
Friday09:30-10:30General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Friday12:00-13:15General SwimTroon Leisure ClubTeaching Pool 
Friday 12:30-16:30General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPool 
Friday13:15-15:45General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreMain Pool & Teaching Pool 
Friday13.15-17.00General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Friday14:15-18:00General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Friday16:00-18:30General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreTeaching Pool & Flexi Pool 
Friday19.30-21.30General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreMain Pool 
Saturday09.00-11.30General Swim*Citadel Leisure CentreMain PoolSession will not be running on 15/06/2024.
Saturday10:00-12:00General Swim*Maybole Leisure ClubPool 
Saturday13:30-15:30General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Saturday12:15-15:30General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Saturday13.00-15.15General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreMain Pool & Teaching PoolSession will not be running on 15/06/2024.
Saturday14:00-16:30General SwimMaybole Leisure ClubPoolThis session will run 12:00-16:30 on 15/06/24 & 22/06/2024
Sunday 10:00-14:00General Swim*Maybole Leisure ClubPool 
Sunday10:30-15:00General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreMain PoolSession will not be running on 16/06/2024.
Sunday11:00-14.00General SwimPrestwick Leisure ClubPool 
Sunday11:30-14:15General SwimTroon Leisure ClubBoth Pools 
Sunday14.00-15.00General SwimCitadel Leisure CentreTeaching PoolSession will not be running on 16/06/2024.

No advance bookings - these sessions are subject to availability on arrival at Reception and cannot be pre-booked in advance.

Click here for our Price List - if you are a member (including Learn2 members), General Swims are included as part of your membership!

*These sessions, or part of these sessions, have shared pool access with another activity.