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Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr

Due to events on 08/06/2024, 15/06/2024 and 16/06/2024, we are expecting the Citadel Leisure Centre Car Park to be busier than normal. Please allow some extra time to attend our facility. Alternative parking will be available: - KA7 1DT (Car Park opposite the Horizon Hotel). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

To guarantee availability, we recommend that all classes are booked online, in advance. This can be done by registering and logging in here.    

Customers can "Pay As You Go" or Join Today!

View our Class Descriptors for further information:  Class Descriptors (PDF) [191KB]  

DayStart TimeEnd TimeClass NameLocationNotes
Monday06:1506:45F30Studio 1 
Monday07:1507:45CoreStudio 3 
Monday08:0008:45StepStudio 1 
Monday09:0009:30Evolve CyclingStudio 3 
Monday 09:3010:00Evolve Circuit SeriesGym 
Monday10:0011:00Hatha Yoga**Studio 3 
Monday11:0011:45Pilates**Studio 3 
Monday11:1512:15Evolve Qi GongStudio 2  
Monday13:0013:45Evolve AquafitFlexi Pool 
Monday15:0015:45Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsStudio 3 
Monday17:0017:45Bar & BellsStudio 1 
Monday 17:1517:45Express CyclingStudio 3 
Monday18:0019:00F60Studio 1 
Monday18:0018:45Studio CyclingStudio 3 
Monday 19:0019:45Dance Fit**Studio 1 
Monday19:0020:30Yin Yoga**Studio 3 
Monday19:0019:45Evolve 15/15/15Main Hall 
Monday20:0020:30Evolve Circuit SeriesGym 
Tuesday06:3007:15Cycle and CircuitsStudio 3 
Tuesday08:0008:45Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsStudio 3 
Tuesday 09:0010:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Studio 3 
Tuesday 10:1511:15Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Studio 3 
Tuesday11:1512:00Evolve AquafitFlexi Pool 
Tuesday 12:0012:30Express CyclingStudio 3 
Tuesday12:4513:15CoreStudio 3 
Tuesday 13:0013:30Evolve Circuit SeriesGym 
Tuesday 14:0014:45Pilates**Studio 3 
Tuesday16:0016:45Studio CyclingStudio 3 
Tuesday 17:0017:45Cycle & CircuitsStudio 3 
Tuesday 18:0018:45FormFirst Muscle & MethodologyStudio 1 
Tuesday 19:0019:45Evolve Stretch & CoreStudio 3 
Tuesday20:0020:45Evolve 15/15/15Studio 1 
Wednesday06:3007:00Express CyclingStudio 3  
Wednesday07:1507:45CoreStudio 3  
Wednesday 09:0010:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Studio 3 
Wednesday09:3010:15AerobicsStudio 1 
Wednesday 10:0010:45Pilates**Studio 3 
Wednesday 10:3011:00Evolve Circuit SeriesGym 
Wednesday 11:0011:30Evolve CyclingStudio 3 
Wednesday12:3013:15Evolve AquafitFlexi Pool 
Wednesday 13:0014:00Evolve Qi GongStudio 2 
Wednesday13:1514:00Evolve Aqua MobilityFlexi Pool 
Wednesday14:0014:45BodytoneStudio 3  
Wednesday 17:0017:45Bar & BellsStudio 1 
Wednesday17:0017:45Junior CircuitsMain Hall 
Wednesday 17:4518:15Express CyclingStudio 3 
Wednesday 18:4519:30Dance Fit**Studio 1 
Wednesday 18:0019:00F60Main Hall 
Wednesday 18:3019:30Yoga**Studio 3 
Wednesday 19:3020:30Yoga**Studio 3 
Wednesday19:4520:30BodytoneStudio 1 
Thursday06:3007:15Cycle and CircuitsStudio 3 
Thursday07:3008:15Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsStudio 3 
Thursday10:0010:45Evolve Stretch & CoreStudio 3 
Thursday 11:0011:45Evolve 15/15/15Main Hall 
Thursday 12:0013:00Evolve Qi GongStudio 2 
Thursday12:3013:15Evolve AquafitFlexi Pool 
Thursday15:0015:45Evolve Stretch & CoreStudio 3 
Thursday17:0017:45FormFirst Muscle & MethodologyStudio 1 
Thursday17:1518:00Studio CyclingStudio 3 
Thursday 18:0018:45Dance Fit**Studio 1The last class will run on Thursday 6th June 2024.
Thursday18:0018:45Dance AerobicsStudio 1This class will run from Thursday 13th June 2024.  
Thursday 18:0018:45Evolve 15/15/15Main HallThe last class will run on Thursday 6th June 2024.
Thursday19:0020:30Dru Yoga**Studio 3 
Thursday19:0019:45Bar & BellsStudio 1 
Friday 06:3007:00F30Studio 1 
Friday07:1507:45Express CyclingStudio 3 
Friday 09:0010:00Yoga**Studio 3 
Friday 10:0011:00Yoga**Studio 3 
Friday 11:1512:00Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsMain Hall 
Friday12:0012:30Express CyclingStudio 3 
Friday13:0013:30Evolve CyclingStudio 3 
Friday 13:3014:00Evolve Circuit SeriesGym 
Friday 16:0017:00Additional Support Needs CircuitsStudio 1Contact to book
Friday17:0017:30Express CyclingStudio 3 
Friday 17:3018:00F30Studio 1 
Friday18:0018:45Evolve 15/15/15Studio 3 
Friday19:0019:45StepStudio 1 
Saturday09:0009:45Studio CyclingStudio 3 
Saturday10:0010:45Bar & BellsStudio 1 
Saturday11:3012:15Pilates**Studio 1 
Saturday12:3013:00Express CyclingStudio 3 
Saturday14:0015:00Junior Fit GymGym 
Sunday 09:0009:45Strength for Yoga **Studio 1 
Sunday09:0009:45Studio CyclingStudio 3 
Sunday 10:0011:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Studio 1 
Sunday 11:0011:45Evolve 15/15/15Studio 1 
Sunday 15:0016:00Junior Fit GymGym 
Sunday16:0016:45Junior CyclingStudio 3 

**Premium Classes - these are available to pay as you go customers, or on our Full Fitness and Class & Swim membership packages.  Please click here for more information on our memberships.

Booking Arrangements (including cancellations) can be viewed here.  

Studio locations within the Citadel Leisure Centre are as follows:

Studio 1 - Ground Floor, Studio 2 - Level 1 and Studio 3 - Level 2

All classes are for ages 16+.

View our Class Descriptors for further information:  Class Descriptors (PDF) [191KB]