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Water Based Activities

Aqua Fit is a water based workout to that will help you burn off extra calories, but it does it in a way that's gentle on your joints. This means you won't hurt as much afterwards and will also help with all sorts of other fitness targets. These include improving your flexibility and range of movement, as well as helping to fend off osteoporosis. 

Aqua Mobility is a workout that prioritises joint mobility and overall flexibility. Participants engage in gentle movements and stretches while being supported by the water's buoyancy, allowing for greater range of motion without putting stress on the joints. This class is ideal for individuals looking to improve their flexibility, recover from injuries, or simply enjoy a soothing workout in the water.

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Full class descriptors can be found: -  Class Descriptors (PDF) [191KB]

DayStart TimeEnd TimeClass NameVenueLocationNotes
Monday13:0013:45Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Monday 13:4514:30Evolve AquaFitPrestwick Swimming PoolPool 
Tuesday11:1512:00Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Tuesday13:3014:15Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Tuesday 20:0020:45Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Wednesday10:0010:45Evolve AquafitPrestwick Swimming PoolPool 
Wednesday10:4511:30Evolve AquafitPrestwick Swimming PoolPool 
Wednesday12:3013:15Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Wednesday13:1514:00Evolve Aqua MobilityCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Wednesday20:0020:45Evolve Aqua FitMaybole Swimming PoolPool 
Thursday12:3013:15Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Thursday18:1519:00Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Thursday19:0019:45Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Friday10:3011:15Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Friday11:1512:00Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 

These classes are available to pay as you go customers, or as part of some of our membership packages.  Please click here for more information on our memberships.

Booking Arrangements (including cancellations) can be viewed here.  

All classes are for ages 16+.