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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing can promote many physical and mental apsects. ..

Posture, strength and joint pain — Consistent Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong practice's improve your body's posture. Good posture helps to prevent back pain, muscle aches and other pains. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core muscles which may help to protect against injuries such as falls. 

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Full class descriptors can be found: - Class Descriptors (PDF) [191KB]

DayStart TimeEnd TimeClass NameVenueLocationNotes
Monday10:0011:00Hatha Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Monday11:0011:45Pilates**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Monday11:1512:15Evolve Qi GongCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 2  
Monday19:0020:30Yin Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Tuesday 9:0010:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Tuesday 10:1511:15Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Tuesday 14:0014:45Pilates**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Wednesday 09:0010:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Wednesday 10:0010:45Pilates**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Wednesday 13:0014:00Evolve Qi GongCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 2 
Wednesday18:0019:00Hatha Yoga**Maybole Swimming PoolGymnasium Hall 
Wednesday 18:3019:30Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Wednesday19:0020:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Maybole Swimming PoolGymnasium Hall 
Wednesday 19:3020:30Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Thursday 12:0013:00Evolve Qi GongCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 2 
Thursday19:0020:30Dru Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Friday 09:0010:00Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Friday 10:0011:00Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Saturday11:3012:15Pilates**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 1 
Sunday 09:0009:45Strength for Yoga** Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 1 
Sunday09:3010:15Pilates**Maybole Leisure Club Gymnasium NEW CLASS FROM 23RD JUNE.
Sunday 10:0011:00Vinyasa Flow Yoga**Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 1 
Sunday14:0015:00Hatha Yoga**Maybole Swimming PoolGymnasium Hall 
Sunday15:0016:00Chair Yoga**Maybole Swimming PoolGymnasium Hall 

**Premium Classes - these are available to pay as you go customers, or on our Full Fitness and Class & Swim membership packages.  Please click here for more information on our memberships.

Booking Arrangements (including cancellations) can be viewed here.  

All classes are for ages 16+.