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Evolve Programme: In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness, there comes a need for a programme designed with both the newcomer and the mature exerciser in mind. Enter the Evolve Programme. Crafted as modifications of our most renowned mainstream classes, Evolve ensures a lower-impact workout that's perfect for those just starting their journey, returning to fitness or for seasoned practitioners craving a change in pace.

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Full class descriptors can be found: -  Class Descriptors (PDF) [191KB]

DayStart TimeEnd TimeClass NameVenueLocationNotes
Monday09:0009:30Evolve CyclingCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Monday 09:3010:00Evolve Circuit SeriesCitadel Leisure CentreGym 
Monday11:1512:15Evolve Qi GongCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 2 Session will not be running 27/05/2024
Monday13:0013:45Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Monday 13:4514:30Evolve AquaFitPrestwick Swimming PoolPool 
Monday15:0015:45Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Monday18:0018:45Evolve CircuitsMaybole Swimming PoolGymnasium HallClass of class time from 17th June.
Monday19:0019:45Evolve 15/15/15Citadel Leisure CentreMain Hall 
Monday20:0020:45Evolve Circuit SeriesCitadel Leisure CentreGym 
Tuesday8:008:45Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Tuesday11:1512:00Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Tuesday 13:0013:30Evolve Circuit SeriesCitadel Leisure CentreGym 
Tuesday13:3014:15Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Tuesday 19:0019:45Evolve Stretch & CoreCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Tuesday20:0020:45Evolve 15/15/15Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 1 
Tuesday19:0020:00Evolve Stretch & Core Maybole Swimming PoolGymnasium HallEvolve Circuits will run on 11th June. Change of class from 18th June
Tuesday 20:0020:45Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Wednesday10:0010:45Evolve AquafitPrestwick Swimming PoolPool 
Wednesday 10:3011:00Evolve Circuit SeriesCitadel Leisure CentreGym 
Wednesday10:4511:30Evolve AquafitPrestwick Swimming PoolPool 
Wednesday 11:0011:30Evolve CyclingCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Wednesday12:3013:15Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Wednesday 13:0014:00Evolve Qi GongCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 2 
Wednesday13:1514:00Evolve Aqua MobilityCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Wednesday19:0019:45Evolve CircuitsMaybole Leisure ClubSports HallNew Class from 26th June.
Wednesday20:0020:45Evolve Aqua FitMaybole Swimming PoolPool 
Thursday07:3008:15Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Thursday10:0010:45Evolve Stretch & CoreCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Thursday 11:0011:45Evolve 15/15/15Citadel Leisure CentreMain Hall 
Thursday 12:0013:00Evolve Qi GongCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 2 
Thursday12:3013:15Evolve AquafitCitadel Leisure CentreFlexi Pool 
Thursday15:0015:45Evolve Stretch & CoreCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Thursday18:1519:00Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Thursday19:0019:45Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Friday10:3011:15Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Friday11:1512:00Evolve AquafitTroon Swimming PoolMain Pool 
Friday 11:1512:00Evolve Legs, Bums & TumsCitadel Leisure CentreMain Hall 
Friday13:0013:30Evolve CyclingCitadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Friday 13:3014:00Evolve Circuit SeriesCitadel Leisure CentreGym 
Friday17:0018:00Evolve CircuitsMaybole Swimming PoolGymnasium Hall 
Friday18:0018:45Evolve 15/15/15Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 3 
Sunday09:3010:15Evolve Stretch & CoreMaybole Leisure ClubGymnasium HallNew class from 23rd June
Sunday 11:0011:45Evolve 15/15/15Citadel Leisure CentreStudio 1 

These classes are available to pay as you go customers or as part of some of our membership packages.  Please click here for more information on our memberships.

Booking Arrangements (including cancellations) can be viewed here.  

All classes are for ages 16+.