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Frequently Asked questions

My class teacher has told me my child is moving up a level? All movements are carried out on your homeportal, see above to activate this.

  1. Allow 24 hours before logging into your hompeportal 
  2. Select MOVE next to your current class day/time

  3. All moves will be for your current site only

I would like to change Venue:-

  1. Call:- 01292 269793
  2. Email:-
  3. Speak to a member of our reception team on site.

Can i speak with my child's class teacher about my child's progress? During lessons this is not always possible, if you contact your teacher will come back to you as quickly as possible.

My child's progress doesn't seem to have been updated in the last 8 weeks? You will be able to speak to any member of staff on-site who will pass this onto your class teacher. 

How can i help my child improve flexibility at home? Flexibility is essenital to the progress of any gymnast, regular practice of stretches used in class can help this. 5 minute flexibility

Can my child wear jewellery? No, All of our programms are very practical and this could potentially pose a risk to your child's safety.

Can i spectate when my child is at swimming lessons? Yes, our facilities have spectating areas - Please be advised we have limited capacity spectating at Prestwick Swimming Pool. In order to comply with building regulations and for facility staff to gain safe access to, and from poolside in the event of an emergency, our spectating area can only facilitate a maximum of 14 people standing, therefore the following measures will permanently be in place for this facility.

  • Standing only
  • 1 parent/carer per child