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Troon Swimming Pool


The pool at Troon is 25m with 4 lanes. There is also a small teaching pool and a spectator area.  


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Our Child Admission Policy applies at all times, click here for info.

Pool timetable

(Last admission 30 mins before closing)

DayStart TimeClass/Session NameLocationBooking Requirements***Notes
Monday07:15-08.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Monday08.15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Monday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Monday12:00-13:15General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Monday13:15-16:30General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Tuesday07:15-08.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday08.15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday13.30-14.15Evolve Aqua FitMain Pool Booking advisable 
Tuesday14.15-15.15General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Tuesday19.00-20.00LanesMain Pool (2 Lanes)Booking advisable 
Tuesday19.00-20.00General SwimMain Pool (2 Lanes)No advance bookings 
Tuesday20.00-20.45Evolve Aqua FitMain PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday20:45-21:30LanesMain Pool (2 Lanes)Booking advisable 
Tuesday20.45-21.30General SwimMain Pool (2 Lanes)No advance bookings 
Wednesday07:15-08:15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday08.15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday13:00-15:00General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Thursday07:15-08.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday08.15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday13:15-18:00General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Thursday18:15-19:00Evolve Aqua FitMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday19:00-19.45Evolve Aqua FitMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday07:15-08.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday08.15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday09:30-10:30General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Friday10:30-11:15Evolve Aqua FitMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday11:15-12:00Evolve Aqua FitMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday12:00-13:15General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Friday12.00-13.00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday13.15-17.00General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Friday17:30-18:30Fun & FloatsBoth poolsBooking advisable 
Friday19.00-20.00Fun & FloatsBoth poolsBooking advisable 
Friday20:15-21:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Saturday12:15-14:15General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Saturday14:30-15:30LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Sunday11:30-14:15General SwimBoth PoolsNo advance bookings 
Sunday14:30-15:30LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 


Lanes - Main Pool only, lane swimming for competent swimmers aged 8 years old and over.

General Swimming - Open session available for all users, subject to child admission policy. Pools in use specified on timetable above.  

Aqua Fit - Instructor led fitness class. Pre-booking recommended

** Swim Test - able to swim 25m Frontcrawl then jump into deep water and tread water for 30 seconds. 

*For all sessions, staff may request that a customer displays competence prior to admittance/during session*