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Citadel Swimming Pool, Ayr


Our Main Pool is a 25m 6 lane pool, we also have a shallow Teaching Pool and a Flexi Pool with diving boards and moveable floor.

Adjacent to the main pool is a large, communal changing village including lockers, cubicles, toilets, showers and separate accessible changing spaces.

We have a Sauna Suite on the ground floor with 2 saunas, a steam room, jacuzzi, plunge pool, rest area and 2 changing rooms.  (16 years + only.)   Opening times are listed below.

Our Child Admission Policy applies at all times, click here for info.

Pool Timetable

(Last admission 30 mins before closing)

DayStart TimeClass/Session NameLocationBooking Requirements***Notes
Monday07:15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Monday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Monday13:15-15:15General Swim*Main Pool /Teaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Monday13:00-13:45Evolve Aqua FitFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday07:15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday11:00-11:45Evolve Aqua FitFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday13:15-16:15General Swim*Main Pool No advance bookings 
Tuesday13.15-15.45General SwimFlexi PoolNo advance bookings 
Tuesday13.15-15.15Lanes*Main Pool Booking advisable 
Tuesday15.00-19.00General Swim Teaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Tuesday15.15-16.15Lanes*Main Pool Booking advisable 
Tuesday16.00-17.30Fun & FloatsFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Tuesday17.45-19.00General Swim Flexi PoolNo advance bookings 
Tuesday20:30-21:30LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday07:15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday12:30-13:15Evolve Aqua FitFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday13:15-14:00Evolve Aqua MobilityFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday13:15-15:00General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Wednesday13.15-16:15General Swim*Main Pool No advance bookings 
Wednesday18.00-20:30General Swim*Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Wednesday19.30-20.30Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Wednesday20:30-21:30LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday07:15-09:15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday12:30-13:15Evolve Aqua FitFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday13:45-15:00General Swim*Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Thursday13:15-15:00Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday13.15-17.00General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Thursday16.00-17.30Fun & FloatsFlexi PoolBooking advisable 
Thursday19:15-21:45General Swim*Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Friday07:15-09.15LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday12:00-13:00LanesMain PoolBooking advisable 
Friday13:15-15:45General Swim*Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Friday13:15-15:45General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Friday13.15-15.45Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Friday15:00-18:00General SwimFlexi PoolNo advance bookings 
Friday19.30-21.30General Swim* Diving Boards available 19.30-20.30Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Friday19.30-21.30Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Saturday09:00-11:00Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Saturday09.00-11.00General Swim* Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Saturday11:15-12.45Fun & FloatsMain Pool (shallow end only)Booking advisable 
Saturday12.00-15.15General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 
Saturday13.00-15.15General Swim*Main PoolNo advance bookings 
Saturday13.00-15:15Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Sunday09:00-10:30Lanes*Main PoolBooking advisable 
Sunday11:00-12:30Fun & FloatsMain Pool & Flexi Pool - see notesBooking advisable 
Sunday13:00-15:00General Swim - Diving Boards available 13.30-15.00 Main PoolNo advance bookings


Sunday14.00-15.00General SwimTeaching PoolNo advance bookings 

*These sessions, or part of these sessions, have shared pool access with another activity.


Lanes - Main Pool only, lane swimming for competent swimmers aged 8 years old and over.

General Swimming - Open session available for all users, subject to child admission policy. Pools in use specified on timetable above.  Flexi Pool (when available) will be set at depth of 1.2m for General Swimming.

Aqua Fit - Instructor led fitness class. Pre-booking recommended

Public Diving - Flexi Pool only, depth 3.8m, where 1m springboard, 3m springboard and 5m platform available for public use. Competent swimmers aged 8+ only.


** Swim Competency Test - this will consist of 25m front crawl or breast stroke, jump into deepest part of pool and tread water for 30 seconds. 

*For all sessions, staff may request that a customer displays competence prior to admittance/during session*

Sauna Suite - opening times

Our opening times will be as follows:

Monday to Friday - 07:00-22:00

Saturday & Sunday - 09:00-17:00

If you would like to check our sauna suite facilities are operational prior to your visit, please call us on 01292 269793.  

(Last admission 30 mins before closing for members.  Non-members - 1 hour before closing Monday to Friday.)