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Town Centre and retail local development plan

South Ayrshire Council adopted the South Ayrshire Town Centre and Retail Local Development Plan (TCRLDP) on 12 April 2017.

The TCRLDP sets out the Council's vision for Ayr town centre, the largest town centre in South Ayrshire, to support the regeneration work of Ayr Renaissance. In addition, it details the policies governing retail developments both in, and out of, all South Ayrshire's town centres. The TCRLDP supersedes only those parts of the existing, adopted (2014) South Ayrshire Local Development Plan (LDP) that relate to town centres and retailing: all other elements of the LDP remain in force. The TCRLDP's vision and spatial strategy supplement the spatial strategy of the LDP. As such the TCRLDP and LDP, together, constitute the local development plan for South Ayrshire, with all planning applications falling to be assessed against relevant policies in both documents.

View the South Ayrshire Town Centre and Retail Local Development Plan and relevant background documents, which illustrate the evolution of the TCRLDP:

Examination Documents

On 2nd March 2017, the South Ayrshire Proposed Town Centre and Retail Local Development Plan was approved for submission to Scottish Ministers. Having considered all representations to the LDP, a number of non-substantial changes were made to the Plan (see: Schedule of modifications to Proposed Plan), however, it was concluded that there were no grounds to make significant changes to the Plan.