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Assessment Criteria

All project proposals will be assessed against two main criteria:


1.   Strategic fit


  • Level of contribution to local needs articulated in relevant local plans and with evidence of local support, in alignment with South Ayrshire Council's Strategic Economic Plan Vision 2030.
  • Level of contribution to an investment priority.
  • The extent of contribution to net zero objectives, or wider environmental considerations.
  • The extent to which the project can inform UK Shared Prosperity Fund.
  • The extent to which the project demonstrates innovation in service delivery.


2.   Deliverability, effectiveness and efficiency


  • Project can be delivered by March 2022, with realistic milestones identified.
  • Project risks have been identified and are adequately mitigated, including project-level management controls.
  • An efficient mode of delivery of the project has been outlined, taking account of the level of innovation proposed and will operate at an appropriate scale.
  • The project would not proceed without UKCRF funding or could only be delivered on a smaller scale.
  • An effective monitoring and evaluation strategy for the project has been identified.