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Out of school childcare frequently asked questions

Q. When will Out of School care club re-open?

A. South Ayrshire Council Out of School care clubs will re-open on Monday 17th of August 2020.

Q. When will I be able to book places in a care club for August 2020?

A. Our registration and booking process will open on Friday 7th August.

Q. How do I book a place in a care club?

A. Registration and booking form can be found on our website and should be returned via email to

Q. When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

A. Bookings will be confirmed via email within two working days of being received.

Q. Am I guaranteed a place for my child?

A. All bookings will be processed on a first come first served basis. If required we will operate a waiting list.

Q. Will I be able to pay using cash or card at the club?

A. Initially we will take payments through our online payment system. Details of this can be found in your welcome pack. Please make sure we have your preferred email address to send your monthly invoice to.

Q. What hours will services operate?

A. We are asking that all children be collected by 5.40pm to support staff to carry out cleaning required. This will be reviewed regularly.

Q. Can I continue to pay my fees using childcare voucher / tax free childcare scheme / college payments?

A. All of these methods are still available to use. Please contact us for any enquires regarding these methods at

Q. How will children be collected from school?

A. We will work with individual schools to discuss collection arrangements and ensure public health measures are followed.

Q. Will hand hygiene such as sanitising gel be available for children and adults to use?

A. Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities for children and adults to wash their hands throughout the session and hand sanitiser will be available in all clubs. 

Q. What will physical distancing look like for my child in the care club?

A. We recognise that physical distancing is not practical or appropriate for young children and we know how hard it will be for them.  Children will not be required to physically distance in our care clubs. Staff will maintain distance from children as much as appropriate and additional hygeien measures will be followed when close contact is required. Physical distancing will remain for all adults in the club and we will adhere to public health and Scottish Government guidelines.

Q.  Are parents/carers allowed in the building?

A. Parents/cares and visitors will not be able to enter the building unless by prior appointment.  Strict guidelines will be in place to manage visitors entering the building.

Q. How will I collect my child?

A. On arrival at the club please phone the club mobile number and inform that Play Leader that you have arrived to collect your child. The Play Leader will advise you when to approach to entrance and they will escort your child from the play area out to you. Signs will be in place to make sure physical distancing is adhered to.

Q. What will staff do if my child is upset when they are in the club?  

A.  We will reassure and support children as we usually do - if they require a cuddle to help them settle then we will do so.

Q. Will staff wear PPE?

A. PPE will be worn, as normal, at certain times e.g. changing children and preparing food. Staff will not typically wear PPE during the course of their normal duties.

Q. Will care clubs be cleaned at the end of each day?

A. All care clubs will continue to be are cleaned on a daily basis, this will be more frequent throughout the session and at the end of the day.

Q. Should my child wear PPE? 

A.  Scottish Government guidelines do not require children to wear a face covering.

Q. What if my child is not settling at the club?

A. We will comfort and reassure children to help them settle in to routines. We will contact you to let you know how your child has settled in on their first days back.

Q. Will my child be outdoors?

A. Yes children will continue to spend as much time as possible outside.  Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor experiences in all weather.

Q. Can my child bring a toy from home?

A. Children are discouraged from bringing toys from home to the setting.  On the occasion where a toy/comforter is needed this will be carefully managed by childcare staff.

Q. What will happen if my child becomes unwell during the session?

A. If your child feels unwell, you will be contacted as normal.  Your child will remain with a member of staff until you arrive.

Q. Should I notify the care club if my child becomes unwell?

A. If your child becomes unwell or will not be attending a booked session please contact the care club directly to inform staff of this.

Q. Should I notify the care club if my child becomes unwell with COVID-19 symptoms.

A. If your child becomes unwell with COVID-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss or change in sense of smell or taste) your child should not attend the care club. You should follow guidance from the NHS regarding Test and Protect

Please contact the club to advise if you child becomes unwell with these symptoms. You should also contact the club to advise us of the outcome of a COVID-19 test as soon as possible.