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COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

Education Statistics Privacy Notice - Staff

Transferring educational data about school staff

The Scottish Government and its partners collect and use information about school staff to help to improve education across Scotland. This note explains why we need this information, how we use it and what we do to protect the information supplied to us.

Why do we need your data?

In order to make the best decisions about how to improve our education service, Scottish Government, Education Authorities and other partners such as Education Scotland, GTC Scotland and teaching unions need accurate, up-to-date data about our teachers. In particular individual level staff data is vital for use by Scottish Government in education workforce planning. As a consequence of receiving this information, Scottish Government will be better able to:

  • plan more accurately the number of new staff to be trained each year,
  • identify shortages in particular sectors and subjects
  • monitor movements in and out of the profession at a national level
  • better understand the factors affecting education
  • share good practice
  • enhance the quality of research to improves the lives educational outcomes of young people in Scotland

Data policy

Information about school staff is collected through our statistical surveys in partnership between Scottish Government and Local Authorities through the ScotXed programme which aims to help schools and Local Authorities by supporting efficient collection, processing and dissemination of statistical information. The Scottish Government then provides analysis of the data to support research, planning, management and monitoring of education services as well as to produce National Statistics publications.

Education data within Scottish Government is managed effectively by secure systems and is exploited as a valuable corporate resource, subject to confidentiality restraints. Scottish Government will not make publicly available any information that allows individual members of staff to be identified, nor will data be used by Scottish Government to take any actions in respect of individuals. No information on individual members of staff can or would be published by Scottish Government. Providing sensitive information such as national identity and ethnic background data is entirely voluntary. The staff census is supported by teachers unions who helped draw up the list of data collected.

The individual data collected by Scottish Government through ScotXed statistical surveys is used for the statistical and research purposes for which it is collected.

Your data protection rights

The collection, transfer, processing and sharing of ScotXed data is done in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998), the National Statistics Code of Practice requirements and other legislation related to safeguarding the confidentiality of data relating to individuals. The Data Protection Act gives you the right to know how we will use your data. This note can give only a brief description of how we use data. Fuller details of the uses of staff data, including the published data, can be found on the ScotXed website: Teacher names and addresses (other than postcode) are never collected in any ScotXed statistical survey

Scottish Government works with a range of partners including Education Scotland, GTC Scotland and the SQA. On occasion, in order to help meet our aim of improving our education system, we may make individual data available to partners and also academic institutions and organisations to carry out additional research and statistical analysis which helps inform policy development and contributes to improving outcomes for Scotland's people. In order to carry out this research to support better decisions, policy making and practice, data may be linked to information from other sources.

Any sharing or linkage of data will be done under the strict control of Scottish Government, and will be consistent with our data policy and the National Data Linkage Guiding Principles. This will ensure that no individual level data will be made public as a result of the data sharing and that these data will not be used to take any actions in respect of an individual. Decisions on the sharing or linkage of data will be taken in consultation with relevant colleagues and individuals within and outwith Scottish Government. At all times individual's rights under the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation will be ensured.


If you have any concerns about the ScotXed data collections you can email the Head of Schools Analysis, Mick Wilson, at or write to Education Analytical Services, Area 2D, Victoria Quay, Leith, EH6 6QQ.