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Local and national opportunities

Apse and KH

It is recognised that many issues beyond the direct control of the Council will impact on workforce and succession planning. For example Brexit, national shortages in areas such as Building Standards, and retention of care staff are all issues that affect Councils across Scotland.

However, it is important that Council services try to positively influence decisions at a local (for example at a Pan-Ayrshire level) and/or national level. Opportunities to benchmark and share information with peers and similar organisations can inform workforce and succession planning strategies.

There are a variety of ways to do this -

  • Membership

Many interest groups/organisations (and their specific sub-groups) may have a powerful voice in progressing workforce and succession planning strategies, and a 'foot in the door' with the power brokers in the national decision making process. The list is extensive, but some examples include  -

- Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE)

- Telecare Services Association (TSA)

- Society of  Personnel Development Scotland (SPDS)

- Change Managers Network (CMN)

- Digital Office (DO)

- Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)

  • Working closely with neighbouring/partner authorities

For example elements of workforce planning within a health and social care context are considered on a Pan-Ayrshire basis. Consistency in approaches to planning, and 'sense-checking' information, data and procedures with local and regional contacts can help ensure a more informed approach.

  • Create a group

Where there is little local or national influence, then consideration should be given to setting up a group to address this. The Knowledge Hub easily allows the 'bringing together' of key people across Scotland (and UK wide) into an online forum and information library. An example is public space CCTV which traditionally had no national oversight or joined up approach for gathering Council feedback. South Ayrshire developed a Knowledge Hub group to look at a range of CCTV related matters and now has 16 Councils on-board. The group discusses many aspects which impact on workforce planning, and its views are now a reference point for COSLA when considering CCTV development.

Please contact your OD Advisor for further information.