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Succession planning part 2 - actions and strategies

Part 2 asks a series of questions/prompts to help you consider actions that might be taken to address the critical elements and risk identified in Part 1.

It focuses on where the relevant 'critical' knowledge might exist and any gaps, and whether those gaps can be reduced internally or externally. In essence, what steps can be taken to ensure critical skills and knowledge do not disappear or 'walk out the door'.  For each critical role, the answers and actions you develop in Part 2 must be informed by the person in the critical post (if available) and development identified through the PD&R process. As with horizon scanning, ideally succession planning should involve the relevant members of the service.

Your OD Advisor can assist and guide completion as part of OD's business partnering approach.

Again, the overall template and guidance for Part 2 can downloaded.