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Workforce planning - part 2 - the template

An online workforce planning template is available for managers, and may be a useful tool in helping services consider and articulate workforce planning requirements.

The template is designed to focus on the key changes that will impact on the service, how challenges will be met, and the associated resource requirements. Your OD Advisor will issue the template and can assist and guide completion as part of OD's business partnering approach.

Completion will help both OD and HR more fully understand service requirements, and importantly allow a more informed update and review of the corporate workforce plan, and is therefore useful evidence for the Council when considering Audit Scotland's workforce planning expectations.

Whilst it is recognised that at times many aspects will not change, a review will allow the recording of new information that may impact on the workforce and service delivery.It is recommended that the template should be reviewed on a 6 monthly basis, but frequency will be driven by service requirements, and may also be impacted upon by aspects such as Covid recovery. 

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The template is available from your OD Advisor and will be issued via the Core.