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Horizon scanning

For each of the below activities, it is recommended that there is team involvement and they are not done in isolation.


It is good practice to look back the same amount of time as looking forward. So for example if you are looking forward to the next 5 years, it is worth considering what has happened in the last 5 years also.   The following questions may prompt discussion  -

- What are the most significant changes that have happened to the service workforce?

- Which of these were unexpected?

- What were the key factors which brought about these changes, and are they understood by everyone?

Horizon Scan

For both workforce and succession planning, a Horizon Scan provides a structured approach to help ensure change drivers are captured There are several models available, but a simple one is the PESTLE model below. (Covid Recovery Plans may also be a key influencer).


A wider corporate Scan appears within the Council's corporate workforce plan.


Once the key change drivers have been identified, it is also worth determining which are -

- Fully controlled

- Controlled, but need the support of others

- Not directly controlled, but may be able to influence

- Not within our control at all.