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Exit criteria

Information on the Learn 2 Dive levels and the required exit criteria for progressing.

Dive Skills 1
Aim: to introduce the core aquatic skills.

Exit criteria:

  • Show competency with the transition from shallow to deep water
  • Learn the 3 shapes used in diving (Straight, tuck and pike)
  • Show correct body alignment with good posture
  • Able to jump forwards and backwards from the poolside
  • Perform a forward entry from the poolside

Dive Skills 2
Aim: to further develop poolside skills and complete backward entry. Introduce dry land training. Introduce coordination and timing.

Exit criteria:

  • Diver is able to distinguish the different between a forward entry position and a backward entry position
  • Perform Forward Dive Straight from poolside
  • Able to perform a safe backward rotating dive from the poolside
  • Demonstrate an affective arm swing from a T position start showing good co-ordination
  • Demonstrate a forward and backward Jump from the 1 metre board
  • Demonstrate forward pike fall from 1 metre board

Dive Skills 3
Aim: To further develop skills by introducing new dive groups. Develop control and confidence by jumping from the 3m diving board. Learn a rip entry.

Exit criteria:

  • Perform 4 stage backward kick out (dry land)
  • Perform inward and reverse poolside progressions
  • Perform a forward dive straight and backward entry from the 1 metre diving board
  • Perform forward pike fall from 3 metre board

Dive Skills 4
Aim: Further development of new skills from the 1-metre board, including hurdle step and bouncing skills. Further development of group coverage from the 1-metre board, with introduction if inward and backwards progressions. Development of skills and confidence on the 3-metre board.

Exit criteria:

  • Develop the hurdle step by adding one or more steps
  • Demonstrate a head-first dive with bouncing skills (101c)
  • Perform safe lead-ups for Inward and Back dive tuck
  • Perform a safe inward dive from the 1-metre board
  • Perform jumps in all 3 shapes from 3-metre board
  • Demonstrate a hurdle step jump from the 3-metre board.

Club Diving

Bronze Level
Aim: Continuation of group coverage and introduction of springboard timing drills. Learning basic skills to allow competition at a basic level. Further development of dry land practices.

Exit criteria:

  • Completion of Bronze level skills

Silver Level
Aim: To learn and demonstrate dives in all four directions (Forwards, Backwards, Reverse and Inwards). To learn skills required to compete in SASA Levels events. To gain a knowledge and understanding of club training practices and competition formats.

Exit criteria:

  • Completion of Silver Level Skills