Who we are

We are a service offering support to individuals with a complexity of need and who require a high degree of therapeutic input in order to maintain their well being. People using our service can expect a high level of support to meet their physical and emotional needs.

From our base in Arrol Park Resource Centre, we aim to provide a service to 8 clients on a daily basis.

Arran View consists of:

  • 8 Day Centre Officers
  • 1 Manager
  • 1 Admin

The criteria for accessing the service will be based on an initial assessment of need by the person’s social worker followed by an introduction into what we can offer at Arran View, this will enable us to establish if we can meet your specific need. It will also give you an opportunity to meet all the staff and to assess if you are comfortable with us and indeed other people using our service. From there we will be able to establish if we can meet your requirements.

In the case of a person leaving school, a period of transition will be arranged between the school and Arranview. As well as visiting us, we will visit you at school when you can show us all that you have been involved in. We understand that it will be a huge change for you moving from school and all your friends, but hope that we can help make the transition easier, by getting the opportunity to make new friends at Arranview. We will of course get the chance to meet your family and reassure them of our support at all times.

Principles of our Service

Underpinning the selection of activities offered from within Arran View lie the basic principles and values necessary for you to fulfil your aspirations.

The need to be treated with respect
The ability to make choices
The opportunity to share ordinary places
To have a valued social role
To be allowed to develop choices

The challenge for the service is to promote community presence as well as community access.