Keep safe scheme

Keep Safe/I Am Me window sticker

Keep Safe is an Ayrshire wide initiative currently being implemented by the Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnerships, Police Scotland and local providers to provide support and advice to vulnerable people within our communities.

Keep Safe will work with a network of local businesses to create safe places for disabled and vulnerable people to go to if they are lost, scared, need help or if they are a victim of crime.

Suitable premises will identify themselves by displaying the Keep Safe/I Am Me window sticker.

If a disabled or vulnerable person requires assistance, if they are lost, worried or need help they may enter your premises. Staff can assist the person, which may be something as simple as offering directions. If required, the vulnerable person can show their keep safe card which the member of staff can then use to get more information on their condition. However, if the person is the victim of harassment/abuse or crime then the staff member can use the person’s Keep Safe card to contact someone who can help or contact the Police if the incident is serious. Keep safe cards will hold information about a persons health, how they communicate and contact details of people who can help them. The cards will be distributed to local organisations and services who currently support people who may benefit from this scheme.

View a list of Keep Safe places in South Ayrshire.

If you would like further information or if your business is interested in joining the Keep Safe scheme in South Ayrshire please contact us.


Careen Rennie