Alcohol and Drugs Partnership


South Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) was formed in August 2009 following the launch of A New Framework for Local Partnerships on Alcohol and Drugs (April 2009) by the Scottish Government, NHS and CoSLA.

The ADP is Thematic Group within South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership (CPP) structure and reports directly to the CPP (see Section 6 Governance & Performance Management).

The principle responsibilities of the ADP are :

  • The development and implementation a comprehensive evidence-based alcohol and drugs strategy
  • The development of an Action Plan and Outcomes Framework to monitor progress and outcomes of the strategy
  • The performance management and governance of the ADP in line with CPP Board governance arrangements
  • To report on performance of the ADP to the CPP Board
  • To ensure good financial management
  • To influence the development of the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) in relation to alcohol and drugs.

South Ayrshire’s ADP has developed an ambitious four year strategy (2011-2015) aimed at working with individuals and local communities to identify their strengths and assets to ultimately reduce the impact of alcohol and drug misuse on individuals, families and communities.