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What happens next?

What happens once you have made a claim?

The DWP Universal Credit Service Centre will phone you to arrange an interview at your local jobcentre to review your evidence and verify and approve your application with you.

Your application will be sent to a DWP Universal Credit Service Centre for processing and the DWP will then send you a Universal Credit decision letter.

How will Universal Credit be paid?

Universal Credit will be paid one month in arrears into a valid bank, building society, post office or credit union account.

Universal Credit housing element: how to pay your rent

If you are a Council, housing association, or private tenant and qualify for Universal Credit, the amount of money you receive monthly from the DWP will include a ‘housing element’, which must be used to pay your rent to your landlord.

This means, if you have never paid rent before – for example because you were on maximum 100% benefit – you will now need to pay your rent from the Universal Credit you receive.

If you require assistance with paying your rent, Council tenants should contact their local Housing Officer by telephoning 01292 616036. Housing association and private tenants should contact their landlord.

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