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UK Parliamentary Elections

The next UK Parliamentary General Election takes place on 8 June 2017. View the candidates standing for election.

The election gives you the chance to have your say on the Members of Parliament (MPs) you want to represent you at Westminster.

The role of the MPs representing Scotland in the House of Commons at Westminster is to represent constituents on reserved matters - matters that are governed by Westminster and not the Scottish Government. These include defence, foreign affairs, national security and employment.

There are two parliamentary constituencies that include South Ayrshire:

These web pages should help you find all the information you need on registering to vote, standing as a candidate, voting in the election, and how the result will be announced.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can visit the Electoral Commission website at, call the helpline on 0800 3 280 280.

Alternatively, you can call our contact centre on 0300 123 0900 or email us at

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