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Primary school meals

Price: Two course lunch and meal deals: £2.10.

We provide a three week menu cycle and some primary schools have a pre-order system.

Choices can made from the menus which include starter, main meal, vegetarian option, baked potatoes, sandwiches, salad, dessert, fresh fruit pot, yogurt, home baking and a selection of drinks.

Menus are subject to local amendments to meet customer requirements and availability. Pre-order available every day. Vegetarian and special diet meals are available on request, please speak to the Catering Supervisor.

Download and print the primary menu or pre-order meals menu.

Week 1

Week commencing: 22 Aug, 12 Sep, 3 Oct, 31 Oct, 21 Nov, 12 Dec, 16 Jan, 6 Feb, 27 Feb, 20 Mar, 24 Apr, 15 May, 5 Jun, 26 Jun

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lentil soup Potato soup (V) Chicken and rice soup Vegetable soup (V) Lentil soup
Chicken curry and naan bread
Vegetable curry and naan bread (V)
Shepard's pie and turnip
Tomato and vegetable bake (V)
Sweet n sour chicken and rice
Sweet n sour vegetables and rice (V)
Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding
Creamed potatoes
Breaded fish, chips and beans
Assorted panini
Side salad
Assorted pizza Salmon fish fingers Chicken burger in a bun
Vegetable burger in a bun (V)
Side salad
Pork beano
Cheese and onion quiche (V)
Frozen yoghurt Iced sponge and custard Home baking Apple crumble and custard Ice cream and fresh fruit

Week 2

Week commencing: 29 Aug, 19 Sep, 17 Oct, 7 Nov, 28 Nov, 19 Dec, 23 Jan, 13 Feb, 6 Mar, 27 Mar, 1 May, 22 May, 12 Jun

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Curried carrot soup (V) Chicken noodle soup Lentil soup Potato and leak soup (V) Tomato soup
Macaroni cheese (V) Braised steak and gravy
Creamed potatoes
Chicken and ham pie
Creamed potatoes
Mixed vegetables
Italian mince
Quorn mince Italian style (V)
Garlic bread
Breaded fish, chips and beans
Chicken sub central
Spicy bean bar in a sub roll (V)
Vegetable fried rice(V)
Cheese pizzini (V)
Link sausage in a hot dog roll
Vegetable nuggets (V)
Chicken goujons Broccoli and cauliflower bake (V)
Chilli wrap
Potato wedges
Potato croquettes
Home baking Iced gingerbread and custard Fozen yoghurt Banana sponge and custard Ice cream and fresh fruit

Week 3

Week commencing: 5 Sep, 26 Sep, 24 Oct, 14 Nov, 5 Dec, 9 Jan, 30 Jan, 20 Feb, 13 Mar, 17 Apr, 8 May, 29 May, 19 Jun

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chunky vegetable soup (V) Cream of chicken soup Scotch broth Lentil soup Chicken and rice soup
Chicken supreme and rice
Mushroom stroganoff and rice (V)
Meatballs and spaghetti
Vegeballs and spaghetti (V)
Mixed vegetables
Salmon and penne pasta Steak pie
Vegetable pie (V)
Creamed potatoes
Broccoli and cauliflower
Breaded fish, chips and beans
Assorted toasties
Side salad
Chicken goujon salad wrap Beef burger in a bun
Quorn burger in a bun (V)
Assorted pizza Chicken fajitas
Vegetable fajitas (V)
Potato croquettes Potato wedges
Side salad
Side salad
Chocolate fudge tart Fresh fruit salad and cream
Frozen yoghurt
Chocolate sponge and custard Ice cream and fresh fruit Cupcake Friday

Available Daily

A selection of sandwiches, fresh breads, baked potatoes, snack pots, salad pots, fruit pots, fresh fruit, yoghurt, cold drinks and Fair Trade juice.

The menu is subject to change, depending on local availability.

Price list

Meal Deals all £2.10
Meal Deal 1: Soup & Sandwich + fruit pot + milk or bottled water
Meal Deal 2: Salad box + fruit pot + milk or bottled water
Meal Deal 3: Main meal + fruit pot + milk or bottled water
Traditional 2 course lunch £2.10
Homemade soup 50p
Dish of the day (includes vegetables and potatoes/rice) £1.60
Baked potato with filling £1.30
Pizza £1.20
Hot Panini £1.40
Pasta pots £1.30
Salad box £1.60
Toasted sandwiches £1.15
Freshly prepared filled rolls and sandwiches from £1.10
Dessert 50p
Fruit pots 35p
Home baking from 35p
Fresh fruit from 15p
Milk 200ml carton/cup 25p
Flavoured milk 200ml carton/cup 25p
Fresh fruit juice 35p
Fairtrade fresh fruit juice 55p

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