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Reviews - Ayr Grammar Primary School

South Ayrshire Council has been considering options for the future use of the current Ayr Academy building. One option being explored is that it becomes the new location for Ayr Grammar Primary School. Independent architects have been asked to show how the building will be transformed into a primary school suited to 21st century learning and teaching. They have produced exciting and creative images of how the indoor and outdoor spaces might look. We are also considering a new nursery class and areas for community art. Elected Members have seen the initial sketches and on Tuesday night the architects presented them to the Parent Council. Initial feedback was very positive. The architects are highlighting exciting changes that will be made to the building which include demolishing the back extension to create new play areas and a multi-use games area. The building is within Ayr Grammar’s present catchment area which means that there is no need to change any catchment areas. It is in a central location with much better parking facilities for staff and visitors. The design appraisal demonstrates how the building could easily be adapted for Ayr Grammar Primary giving the school its own identify with all the facilities that are required for learning and teaching.

The project is likely to require investment of approximately £12m and will be included in the Council’s revised capital investment programme to be considered in February 2016. The building work would most likely start around the autumn of 2017 and would last about 18 months, finishing in early 2019.

Please note that this is only a proposal in development at this time. If the project is to proceed there will be statutory consultation with all stakeholders as required by law before any final decision can be made. In the meantime we would welcome initial feedback on the proposals. If you would like to comment of the proposal please email



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Last updated: 25 February 2016

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