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School term and holiday dates

Find school holiday, half term and term dates for primary, secondary and special schools. These apply to South Ayrshire Council controlled schools.

Download the unauthorised holidays during term-time leaflet

Term and holiday dates 2015-16

Download and print these term dates

Autumn term
17 August 2015Inservice day
18 August 2015Inservice day
19 August 2015Pupils return - except Tarbolton and Dailly
20 August 2015Tarbolton and Dailly ONLY - Pupils return
18 September 2015 - 21 September 2015Schools closed
9 October 2015Schools close
19 October 2015Inservice day
20 October 2015Pupils return
23 December 2015Term ends
Spring term
7 January 2016Pupils return
11 February 2016School close
16 February 2016Inservice day
17 February 2016Pupils return
24 March 2016Schools close
29 March 2016Pupils return
1 April 2016Schools close
Summer term
18 April 2016Pupils return
2 May 2016Schools closed, May day Holiday
5 May 2016Inservice day
30 May 2016Schools closed
31 May 2016Pupils return
29 June 2016Term ends

Term and holiday dates 2016-17

Download and print the 2016-17 term dates

Autumn term
16 August 2016Inservice day
17 August 2016Inservice day
18 August 2016Pupils return
16 September 2016 - 19 September 2016Schools closed
7 October 2016Schools close
17 October 2016Inservice day
18 October 2016Pupils return
23 December 2016Term ends
Spring term
9 January 2017Pupils return
9 February 2017School close
14 February 2017Inservice day
15 February 2017Pupils return
31 March 2017Schools close
Summer term
18 April 2017Pupils return
1 May 2017Schools closed, May day Holiday
4 May 2017Inservice day
29 May 2017Schools closed
30 May 2017Pupils return
28 June 2017Term ends

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