South Ayrshire Council

RSS Feeds

South Ayrshire Council is pleased to make its latest news, website updates, events listings, job vacancies, committee meetings, and property updates available via RSS feeds.

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication is a format for distributing news content. News sites publish via RSS then individuals and websites automatically get the updated content. Typically, an item in an RSS feed will only contain a title, excerpt or description, and link back to the original content.

RSS uses XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to describe different aspects of an online news item. This site uses version 2.0 of RSS.

How do I use RSS?

You can use a program called a news reader (or news aggregator) to store the locations of RSS feeds, and each time one is updated - you can easily see what's new. It saves you visiting web pages on the off-chance anything new has appeared.

Where can I get an RSS newsreader?

Popular RSS readers are:

How do I add South Ayrshire to my list of feeds?

Where you see this orange symbol RSS Feed you can sign up for an RSS feed. Click or copy the address in your browser window. You can follow the instructions provided by your news reader to add this feed to your list. See a list of South Ayrshire feeds at the top of this page.

Can I publish the feed on my own web pages?

If you have personal web pages, you can use the feed to display South Ayrshire Council news stories on your own web site. The RSS feeds themselves will need to be changed (or transformed) into HTML before they can be displayed on your site. There are essentially two ways to do this:

  1. transform the XML yourself using an appropriate scripting language or stylesheet; and,
  2. use a third party tool.

When are the feeds updated?

We update the RSS News Feed as soon as new relevant information is posted to our website. The feeds are never updated before the website since each item in the feeds contains a link back to the South Ayrshire website for more information.

As we update our site the feed is updated automatically, and your feed reader will display the headlines with links to the full news stories.

Who can use the South Ayrshire Council RSS Feeds?

Providing you agree with our Terms and Conditions you can use the RSS feed free for personal or non-commercial purposes only. They can be monitored by anyone with an RSS newsreader and an interest in South Ayrshire news.