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Spotlight On Spend

Spotlight On Spend

South Ayrshire Council is taking part in a Scottish Government initiative to publish information on spending over £1,000.

The information from the most recent financial year is now available and can be found on the spotlight on spend website. This activity is supportive of our ongoing engagement with residents and local businesses.

Details of payments to suppliers and contractors exceeding £1,000 per annum are listed and this information will give you a much better idea of where your money is spent. It does this in an online format which allows you to explore the information in a user friendly way. The entries marked as 'redacted' are those where the name of the supplier is an individual person. The name but not the amount is concealed to comply with Data Protection legislation.

The expenditure information is categorised on the website by commodity or service provided. This information comes from supplier databases, such as the Thomson’s Local Directory. It relates to the stated business and classifications of the company, which may not necessarily fully relate to the nature of spend incurred by the Council.

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Please also note
The data includes Council invoices and External organisations whose invoices are accounted through the Council’s financial systems. E.g. AVJB, Ayr Renaissance etc. The data relates to invoices accounted between 01/04/2012 and 31/03/2013. This is consistent with previous returns to Scottish Government.

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