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Historic Environment Conservation

Historic environment

South Ayrshire's urban and rural environment has a historical dimension that contributes to its quality and character. This is most noticeable in our built heritage such as ancient monuments; archaeological sites and landscapes; historic buildings; townscapes; parks; gardens and designed landscapes. The historic environment encompasses the setting in which these features sit, and the patterns of past use in landscapes and in our towns, villages and streets. It also has less tangible aspects recognised as the historical, artistic, literary, and scenic associations of places and landscapes. These various elements contribute fundamentally to a sense of place and cultural identity.

The Environment and Conservation Section is, amongst other things, responsible for the protection and management of the historic environment through the designation and enhancement of conservation areas. It also has duties in relation to listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments and historic gardens and designed landscapes.

There are currently twenty one designated conservation areas in South Ayrshire and over nine hundred listed buildings.

Historic Environment Scotland is an agency of the Scottish Government responsible for the listing and safeguarding of the nation's historic buildings. Historic Environment Scotland safeguards the historic environment by scheduling monuments of national importance and by listing historic buildings of special architectural or historic interest. The agency also conserves properties in the care of Scottish Ministers and provides financial assistance to other owners towards the costs of conserving and repairing outstanding monuments and buildings. Historic Environment Scotland can be contacted by telephone on 0131 668 8600 or at

Conservation areas



Catherine Parish
Lead Conservation Planner
Planning Service
Telephone Number: 01292 616173

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Last updated: 8 August 2016

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