Olympic Torch Relay

Summer of Song

This is the tale of a land green and rolling
A land bordered by sea
Wherever you live in the country or town
It seems like home to me
From Turnberry lighthouse on up to Culzean
The view makes my heart soar
A land full of history and legends to tell
We’re a people proud to our core

2012 brings the world together
We will be united as one
With hope, faith and peace forever
We strive to get the job done
Working hard, don’t give up, keep going
The Olympic spirit is here
Forever look onward with joy as you go
To sustain us down through the years

Our most famous son renowned the world over
A fine poet was he
From humble beginnings he travelled afar
And captured all he could see
Oh Burns, he inspires us to follow our dreams
Aware of all that we have
Whatever the talents or skills we possess
We’ll let nothing hold us back

(c) 2012

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