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Nursery schools, classes and partnership centres

Information on local authority nursery schools, classes and partnership centres.

Nursery schools and classes


Partnership centres

Alphabet Yard

South Harbour St, Ayr
Contact: Elaine Buchanan (O), Tel: 01292 260444

Ayr Campus Nursery

Ayr College, Dam Park, Ayr
Contact: Linda Burgess (M), Tel: 01292 293496

Buzy Bees

Ayr Hospital, Dalmellington Road
Contact: Vicki McLachlan (M), Tel: 01292 268452

Coylton Community Nursery

Claude Hamilton Hall, Coylton
Contact: Janis Meredith (M), Tel: 01292 570539

Doonvale Private Nursery

Doonholm Road, Ayr
Contact: Arnie Cartwright, Barbara Cartwright, Tel: 01292 440400

Granny Smith's

22 Ayr Street, Troon
Contact: Janice Smyth (O), Christine Bond (M), Tel: 01292 316606

Kirktonholme @ Owl and Pussycat

9 James Street, Ayr
Contact: Maureen Campbell (M), Tel: 01292 266976

Meadowgreen Pre-school

Meadowgreen Centre, 141 Deveron Road, Troon
Contact: Nicola Doherty (M), Tel: 01292 315512

Pine Trees

1 Ayr Road, Prestwick
Contact: Jackie Kelly (M), Tel: 01292 475372

Riverbank Nursery

Citadel Place, Ayr
Contact: Fiona Carey (M), Tel: 01292 268014

Wellington School

Craigweil Road, Ayr
Contact: Jimmy Cox, Tel: 01292 269321

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