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Working round the clock to collect your waste

 24 March 2016  |  

From 11 April we will be collecting day and night

From 11 April we will be collecting day and night

From Monday 11 April, South Ayrshire Council will be working round the clock to collect your household waste. Changes mean that bins will now be emptied between 6:00am-9:45pm (Monday to Friday) on your usual collection day.

Waste collection staff will be working shifts to ensure bins are collected and that waste collection vehicles are used throughout the day. Currently vehicles return mid-afternoon and are not used again until the next day.

Mike Newall, Head of Neighbourhood Services at South Ayrshire Council said: "The new round the clock collections will mean minimal disruption to householders and no staff redundancies. We lease the majority of vehicles at a fixed rate, so it makes sense to use them as much as we can.

"The new shift pattern means staff will need access to bins at night so I would ask householders for their cooperation to ensure vehicles are parked with this in mind."

More information on the changes can be found at or by phoning 0300 123 0900

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