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Safer Shores making waves again in 2015

 29 May 2015  |  

Working together to make Safer Shores successful in 2015

Working together to make Safer Shores successful in 2015

The annual Safer Shores safety campaign is now underway and will run until 30 August 2015. 

Led by the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership, the campaign aims to improve community safety and reduce antisocial behaviour in and around Ayr Esplanade over the summer period. 

It builds on 2014 initiative which saw reports of people drinking in public decrease by over 80% due to vigilant patrols by uniformed police officers and increased intelligence and support from British Transport Police in advance of peak periods of activity. 

In addition to increased vigilance on the esplanade, Police Scotland and the British Transport Police will maintain their zero tolerance approach to drinking alcohol in public and fixed penalty notices will be issued to those caught drinking alcohol in public. 

Councillor Rita Miller, Chair of the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership said: "We are ready to welcome thousands of people to Ayr beach with family or friends, to have fun and enjoy our magnificent beaches.  

"The majority of people come to the beach, have a great day and go home happy and contented and we want to keep it that way. By taking a zero-tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour we are making it quite clear that we will not let the actions of a small number of inconsiderate people spoil the fun for others." 

This year will also see a 'hub' situated in front of the bandstand. Additional portable CCTV cameras have also been installed in the area. The Esplanade has been divided into clearly defined zones, allowing for an efficient and rapid response to each zone, if required. 

Joint litter, dog fouling and noise nuisance environmental patrols will be carried out on a regular basis and Fixed Penalty Tickets will be issued if appropriate. 

Police Scotland's Local Area Commander, Chief Inspector Eileen Taylor said: "Safer Shore's is a successful partnership approach to ensure local residents and visitors to Ayr enjoy their visit to the beach and Esplanade.

"Keeping people safe is our priority and we will continue to robustly target the small minority of individuals who commit crime, carry out acts of antisocial behaviour and spoil the experiences of other law abiding families.

"The partnership approach towards this initiative is critical and with the continued support from our partners we will build on the successes achieved over recent years."

The Council's Community Safety officers will be delivering street sport activities such as tennis, rounders, cricket, golf and football and providing a multi-use games area on the Low Green on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 12 noon to 4pm. There will be live music at the pop up band stand on occasional Saturdays throughout the summer. 

Councillor Miller concluded: "Ayr beach is a fantastic place to spend time with your family and friends out in the fresh air, enjoying the scenery. We want everyone who comes to Ayr to visit the beach or the town to know that they can do so in safety."



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