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Putting the customer first - Council agrees ICT overhaul

 14 October 2015  |  

The Council is looking to embark on a programme of work to ensure its information and communications technology (ICT) systems are modern, efficient and can better serve communities across South Ayrshire.

Councillors agreed that mobile connectivity will be improved over the next few years to help agile working and establish more flexible online services.

In time, residents will benefit from a greater level of self-service and be able to access council services and information when it suits them for example reporting issues out of hours, finding information on services or paying bills.

As the Council takes full advantage of modern ICT systems and improves tools and techniques, a balance will be maintained with more traditional forms of contact such as face to face and the telephone to ensure everyone in our communities can continue to access the information and services they need.

Councillor Robin Reid, Resources and Performance Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "There has been a massive shift in technologies over the last decade and we need to better recognise the ways people now wish to communicate and source information. Other local authorities have already embarked on programmes to improve data storage and provide instant access to information. This approach reflects a 21st century ideal and could also lead to efficiency savings across the Council.

"Information is the life blood of any modern organisation, and the Council needs to ensure the public, customers and partners can access the data they need seamlessly. Staff should also be able to operate remotely and efficiently as they deliver services to communities across South Ayrshire. This is very much the start of a long term strategy to make the most of modern technologies and improve our information management to reflect a changing society.

"The new approach will ensure the Council is fit for purpose and continues to deliver quality services despite a challenging financial climate."

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