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Provost challenges children to go green

 20 August 2015  |  

Pupils prepare to take on the challenge

Pupils prepare to take on the challenge

South Ayrshire Provost, Helen Moonie is challenging secondary pupils across South Ayrshire to go green. The Provost's School Footprint Challenge encourages pupils from secondary schools in South Ayrshire to think about reducing their school's ecological footprint, over the coming year. They will be encouraged to come up with innovative ways to reduce their school's impact on the environment and a trophy will be presented next year to the winners of the challenge.

South Ayrshire Council's forthcoming national Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy will set out how public bodies, communities and individuals can all help reduce our ecological footprint, protecting where we live and work for future generations.

The Provost's School Footprint Challenge plays a key role in this strategy, as it highlights the issue to young people and encourages them to do their bit both in and out of school.

Provost Moonie said: "Climate Change is both a global and local challenge that will affect us for generations. In South Ayrshire we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country and we need to protect it. At the end of the challenge there will be a winner but I am encouraged by the reaction of all the pupils involved as they know they're helping to make a difference even if they don't get a trophy. I look forward to seeing the results.

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