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Positive equality outcomes for South Ayrshire

 22 May 2015  |  

Treating everyone equally is at the core of the way South Ayrshire Council delivers services, according to the Council's Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Progress Report 2013 to 2015, published recently. 

The report provides information on the considerable range of work the Council has undertaken to progress the equality and diversity priorities identified by its communities and how it builds equality into everything it does.

Examples of progress include the Council's extensive efforts to involve young people in shaping service delivery; work with Ann Moulds, anti-stalking campaigner on a number of projects that highlight the dangers of stalking; the opportunities and support provided to get young people into work; and the hugely successful Holocaust Memorial Day national event, hosted by the Council in January.

Councillor Rita Miller, the Council's Health and Social Care Portfolio Holder, said: "Understanding that people are unique and recognising individual differences is what equality is all about. The report clearly demonstrates the progress we've made over the last two years on our short, medium and long term outcomes and – more importantly – the difference this makes for our people and communities. Moving forward, we will continue to build on this positive progress."

The report also sets out how the Council works in close partnership with other councils, NHS, Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, voluntary organisations and communities across a range of activities that support equality outcomes. These include:

  • improving disabled access to facilities and services
  • supporting Interfaith events;
  • raising awareness of domestic abuse;
  • promoting human rights; and
  • monitoring and tackling hate crime.

Councillor Miller concluded: "We are all individuals and will continue to embrace our individual differences while ensuring that everyone is treated equally on our journey to embed an equalities culture throughout the Council."

The full report is available here.

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