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Planning housing for the future

 22 June 2015  |  

South Ayrshire Council is committed to ensuring housing in the future is the right type, in the right place and meets the needs of people across South Ayrshire. That's the aim of South Ayrshire Council's Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2016−20 approved by Councillors this week. 

The Housing Need and Demand Assessment suggests a requirement for 1,000 to 1,600 additional homes with a mixture of market leavel and affordable housing.

Council officers worked with registered social landlords and members of the private sector forum to prepare the assessment. 

Among the main findings were South Ayrshire's population is ageing, households are decreasing in size, 58% of residents are unable to afford to purchase property on the open market and potential first time buyers can find they cannot afford the deposit for a home.   

To improve housing for people in the future there is a need to: 

  • Increase the supply of affordable housing across South Ayrshire.
  • Improve housing quality in the private sector.
  • Increase the number of smaller homes to meet the needs of single families, younger and older people.
  • Support people to identify access capital in their property if they need to carry out repairs or adaptations.
  • Increase use of Telecare, which remotely monitors home activity through sensors and devices to minimise risks associated with independent living, to assist people to remain in their own homes. 

Councillor Philip Saxton, Housing and Customer Services Portfolio Holder for the Council said: "Planning housing for the future that meets the needs of the people of South Ayrshire, including vulnerable members of our communities such as older people and those with disabilities, is vital.   

"We want to ensure that the type of housing available in the future reflects the way that people live today, with an increased number of people living on their own, more people living longer and disabled people wanting to be independent the style of housing is as important as the amount of housing available. 

"We need a diverse range of homes to accommodate people of all ages, students, homeless people, those with disabilities, people relocating, travelling people and minority ethnic groups." 

"It is important that people in South Ayrshire can find a suitable and affordable place to stay and to make that vision a reality we have to plan carefully for future housing." 

The information from the Housing Need and Demand Assessment will be used to help formulate the Council's future Local Housing Strategy and Strategic Development Plan.









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