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Inaugural meeting of South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board

 27 April 2015  |  

South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board

South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board

The official integration of health and social across South Ayrshire is now underway, following the inaugural meeting of the South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board.

Health and social care integration involves partners working together to improve health, support social care, tackle health inequality, and improve community wellbeing. By working in partnership communities will benefit from services that are easily understood, accessible and timely, well-coordinated, safe and focusing on the person, effective and efficient.

A Parliamentary Order came into force on 1 April creating the Board as a separate legal entity in its own right and separate from both South Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire & Arran. The new Board has taken over responsibility for planning and overseeing the delivery of a full range of community health and social work/social care services. This includes health and social care services for older people, adults, children and families and for those people in the Criminal Justice System.

Among the Board's primary responsibilities is the allocation of the integrated revenue budget for health and social care and to oversee service delivery.

At the inaugural meeting of the Board a number of appointments were confirmed who will all be voting members:

  • Chair Councillor Rita Miller
  • Vice Chair John Callaghan, Employee Director and Non-Executive member of Ayrshire & Arran NHS Board
  • Councillor Bill McIntosh
  • Councillor Brian McGinley
  • Councillor Robin Reid
  • Lesley Bowie, Non-executive member of Ayrshire & Arran NHS Board
  • Dr Carol Davidson, Director of Public Health, NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  • Vacancy

It was agreed that the Chair and Vice Chair appointments will be until May 2017.

Representatives from other sectors including the third sector, independent sector, staff representatives and others representing the interests of patients, service users and carers will also sit on the Board and contribute to its work.

John Callaghan, Vice Chair of the South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board and Employee Director of NHS Ayrshire & Arran, said: "The South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board was one of the first to be formed in Scotland. Together, our staff are working hard to ensure we deliver the strategic plan in the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. We know that there is a long way to go. But by working together, we can ensure the healthiest life possible for our service users."

Tim Eltringham, Chief Officer of the partnership said: "There are significant pressures on health and social care services caused in part by people living longer, but with an increasing number of medical conditions. At a time of significant financial constraint new and innovative ways of management and providing services across the sectors and within communities need to be found. This process of change will be at the heart of the work of the new partnership Integration Joint Board."

The Integration Joint Board approved its first Strategic Plan for 2015/18 at its first meeting and all functions and services have now been delegated to the Board by South Ayrshire Council and the NHS Ayrshire and Arran Board.

The Board has an integrated budget of £174,541,229 in 2015/16 with 1,638 South Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire and Arran Health Board employees working within the partnership.

Separate Integration Joint Boards have also been established in the North and East Ayrshire Council areas. 

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