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Important message and it comes in a bottle

 15 May 2015  |  

Celebrations all round as Message in a Bottle is launched.

Celebrations all round as Message in a Bottle is launched.

A Message in a Bottle could really help save a life. That is the message from South Ayrshire Council who is supporting the Rotary and Ayr and Prestwick Lions Club in this initiative to help people make medical information and contact details easily available to emergency services.

The Message in a Bottle initiative is an emergency information scheme that will be provided free of charge by the Rotary Clubs of Alloway, Ayr, Girvan, Prestwick and Troon, and the Ayr & Prestwick Lions Club.

The scheme is aimed at people of all ages who feel vulnerable at home. Rotary and Lions will supply bottle packs to GP surgeries, dental surgeries, community pharmacies, community nurses, health visitors, hospitals and social workers. The bottle pack gives the user the means to alert the emergency services to important medical information and contact details, should an accident or sudden illness in their home occur.

The Message in a Bottle pack consists of a bottle, a basic medical information form and two green and white emergency stickers. The form with all of the relevant medical information is put in the bottle, which is then placed in the fridge. The fridge has been chosen to store the bottles as 95% of all households have one and it is generally easy to find. Also, the insulation properties and construction of a fridge mean that in the event of a fire, the contents of the fridge usually survive.

One of the stickers is put just inside the front door, so that it's clearly visible to any of the emergency services, and one of the stickers goes on the outside of the fridge door. The green and white stickers are recognised by the emergency services.

If help is needed in filling out the information details, a family member, carer, a trusted friend or any link health or social care worker can assist in its completion.

People shouldn't put a sticker on the exterior of their property. The emergency services will know to look for one inside the front door.

If more than one person in the household has a bottle it can make clear which it applies to by labelling it with different names.

Robin White, Chair of Ayr and Prestwick Lions said: "We are very pleased to be a part of a new emphasis on any way of saving lives. Let's show all of Scotland just how proactive we are in South Ayrshire, let's help to save not just one person's life, but many, many lives."

Dr Neil Beattie, on behalf of Rotary Clubs of South Ayrshire said: "The Rotary Clubs of Alloway, Ayr, Girvan, Prestwick and Troon, together with Ayr and Prestwick Lions Club, are delighted to be working with the South Ayrshire emergency services and all the caring and health services in this project which will be a huge benefit to the vulnerable residents of South Ayrshire. We are committed to ensure the long term success of Message in a Bottle."

The scheme is fully supported by the new South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership together with key partners such as the Community Safety Partnership, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Scottish Ambulance Service and Voluntary Action South Ayrshire.

Tim Eltringham, Director of South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership said: "I'm pleased to offer support to the Message in a Bottle scheme as it is launched across South Ayrshire. It is a simple and practical approach to keep vulnerable people safe and secure. I'm particularly pleased at the way we have been able to work in partnership with the local Rotary and Lions Clubs and our partners from the emergency services."


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