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Hollyoaks actor and The Proclaimers show support for Burns Award as nomination deadline looms

 14 November 2015  |  

Scotland's most famous twins, Proclaimers duo Craig and Charlie Reid, and Scots actor, Nick Rhys (who plays Lockie Campbell in Hollyoaks) are encouraging people to get their nominations in for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award before entries close in just a couple of days. 

Craig, Charlie and Nick – as well as author Tony Black and Ayr Rugby Club – have recorded brief video messages in support of the annual award, with each video finishing with the message: 'nominate now'.

The closing date for nominations is midnight on Monday 16 November.

In their video, the Proclaimers say: "We're proud to support the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award. Get your nominations in now." 

Actor Nick's message is: "I'm telling you guys to get behind the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award . . . It's a very important award that deserves all our help, support and get nominating now . . .Get involved and good luck everyone."

The Robert Burns Humanitarian Award – or RBHA – is a globally-respected, humanitarian accolade supported by South Ayrshire Council and Scotland's Winter Festivals, with sponsorship from The Herald, Sunday Herald and

Named in honour of the famous Scots Bard, the award applauds the efforts of people who bring hope and inspiration – often in desperate situations – and help change lives for the better.

It takes its inspiration from Robert Burns who viewed everyone as equal and genuinely lived as a true humanitarian, as recognised in his famous lines: 'That Man to Man, the world o'er, Shall brothers be for a' that'.

RBHA nominees – who can be someone you know, or someone you've just heard of – can be from any part of the world and be of any age or gender. However, they must be able to demonstrate one of more of the following:

  • A courageous deed involving personal self-sacrifice, going beyond the call of duty in the name of humanity.
  • A commitment to serving others and making a difference through humanitarian acts of selfless service.
  • A generosity of spirit and dedication helping improve the quality of life for people in need through the provision of shelter, food, clothing, education or meaningful employment.
  • Direct 'hands-on' participation in humanitarian works that directly benefit people.
  • Outstanding involvement and dedication that makes a significant contribution to volunteer leadership or service which has improved or enriched the lives of others and the welfare of humanity and society as a whole.
  • An act of kindness done without expectation of reward that has resulted in recognition by members of a community/organisation.

Winners receive the equivalent of 1759 guineas (approximately £1,800) – a sum which signifies the year of the Bard's birth and the coinage then in circulation – as well as a specially-commissioned award handcrafted in Scotland.

Nominations for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award 2016 can be made online at until midnight on Monday 16 November 2015.

The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony in January 2016, to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns.

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