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Enjoy life to the full with Strictly Seniors

 01 December 2014  |  

Councillor Miller enjoyed reading Strictly Seniors 2014

Councillor Miller enjoyed reading Strictly Seniors 2014

If you would like to find out more about the huge variety of activities and events that older people in South Ayrshire can get involved then get yourself a copy of the latest free Strictly Seniors magazine. 

Strictly Seniors is a magazine developed as part of South Ayrshire's Reshaping Care for Older People. The team leading Reshaping Care for Older People − South Ayrshire Council, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Voluntary Action South Ayrshire and Scottish Care − is keen to see Strictly Seniors being read by older people, carers, family members and local residents that play a vital part in supporting their work. 

The launch of Strictly Seniors 2014 was celebrated in the Book and Bun, a social enterprise cafe located at 50 Newmarket Street, Ayr. People of all ages can use the cafe but it will be offering a range of classes and services for older people. 

The launch was an opportunity for fans of Strictly Seniors to get the latest copy and for others to discover just what a good informative read it is. 

Councillor Rita Miller, Chair of South Ayrshire Shadow Integration Board South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership said: "The previous Strictly Seniors magazines have been very popular and the latest edition is packed full of interesting information. It is colourful and easy to read. 

"We are in the middle of establishing our new Health and Social Care Partnership with 2014/15 being a 'shadow' year to allow us to put in place all the arrangements for this exciting new 'integrated world'. Our emphasis will continue to be on producing the best possible outcomes for everybody and ensuring that out we provide services seamlessly across the NHS, Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise and Independent sectors. 

Strictly Seniors will soon be made available across South Ayrshire in Council buildings, doctors, opticians, NHS establishments and many other places. 

Councillor Rita Miller concluded: "Many older people in South Ayrshire have retired from work but they have certainly not retired from life – they are living it to the full. Pick up a copy of Strictly Seniors and see the exciting things there are to see and do and also found out more about services that are there to help older people and their families." 

For further information about Strictly Seniors contact Phil White, South Ayrshire Partnership Facilitator at or or call 01292 885549.







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