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Don't get caught out this winter

 03 December 2014  |  

The temperature is falling, the nights are drawing in and Christmas is just around the corner, a sure sign that you need to ask yourself are you Ready for Winter?

South Ayrshire Council is supporting the Scottish Government's Ready for Winter? Campaign, aimed at ensuring people are ready in their homes, workplaces, communities and when they travel for whatever weather we experience this winter. 

Councillor John McDowall, Environment and sustainability Portfolio Holder for the Council said: "We all need to be prepared for winter, it is too late to wait until you get caught out by the weather when travelling to do anything about it. Being prepared really could save your life. 

"Our Council has put plans in place to ensure that all our services and operations are ready for winter 2014/15. I would urge you all to do the same, make plans for bad weather and don't get caught out." 

South Ayrshire has lots of villages and country roads, with people often travelling to and from work in awful weather conditions during the winter. So you have to be prepared. 

Everyone should have an emergency kit in their vehicle which includes: a first aid kit; battery jump leads; a torch and spare batteries; map for unplanned diversions; a blanket and a reflective warning sign. 

In the winter you should also take: an ice scraper and de-icer; shovel for snow; warm clothes, boots and a blanket; some food and a warm drink in a flask. 

Before you think about travelling in really bad weather you should: 

  • Consider whether you need to travel right now, or if you can wait until the weather improves
  • Check the weather forecast and road conditions
  • Think about alternative routes and modes of transport
  • Allow extra time for your journey 
  • Tell someone your destination and when you expect to arrive
  • Make sure your car is ready for a journey in poor weather
  • Fully charge your mobile phone
  • Tell someone your destination and when you expect to arrive
  • Make sure you have appropriate clothing, equipment and food
  • Pack an emergency kit if you do not already have one
  • Think about getting winter tyres 

Councillor McDowall added: "I would encourage everyone to take care on the roads in winter. It is also important to look after vulnerable people in your community, pop in to see if they need any shopping, clear their pathway or give them a lift into town. Little acts of kindness can make a real difference."



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