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Christmas magic - turn metal and plastic into compost

 08 December 2014  |  

Don't bin your empty drinks cans and plastic bottles over the festive season turn them into compost with South Ayrshire Council's Recycle and Reward reverse vending machines – get a voucher for compost in return for your recycling. 

Councillor John McDowall, Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Holder for the Council said: "At this time of the year many people have lots of extra drinks cans and plastic bottles to dispose of.

"It makes sense to turn your waste drink containers into something useful such as compost for your garden. This festive season give a present to our environment and remember to recycle your cans, plastic bottles and other household waste responsibly."

Members of the public can can exchange empty cans and plastic bottles for bags of compost thanks to the Council's 'Recycle and Reward' scheme funded by Zero Waste Scotland.

Pupils at Marr College who recycle 40 items can get a Council swimming voucher or they can keep recycling and exchange vouchers for 100 recycled items for a cinema voucher, all thanks to empty bottles and cans.

There are distinctive 'Recycle and Reward' reverse vending machines at both Troon recycling centre and Marr College, where the machines give out vouchers in return for the number of cans and plastic bottles recycled.

The machines are easy to use with vouchers issued every time you recycle – each voucher details how many can or bottle items have been recycled and once the required number of items have been recycled, the vouchers can be exchanged for a terrific reward.

At Troon recycling centre, 50 items will get you a 70-litre bag of compost, which can be used as a mulch or to help your garden grow next year. Compost keeps so this is an ideal time to stock up and be ready to help your garden bloom in 2015.

Cans and bottles can be recycled at the Recycle and Reward machine at Troon recycling centre, Port Ranald Drive, Troon KA10 6DJ. The recycling centre opens 10am to 6pm (Tuesday to Friday) and 10am to 4 pm at weekends and public holidays.

The Marr College 'Recycle and Reward' machine is open to pupils, staff and visitors to the school only.




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