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Christmas banner competition winners

 24 November 2015  |  

Delighted Daisy Redman from Barhill Primary School shows off her design

Delighted Daisy Redman from Barhill Primary School shows off her design

Daisy Redman P3 from Barhill Primary School and S3 pupil Emma Hughes from Queen Margaret Academy along with Iain Melvin from Ayrshire College were delighted to hear they were winners in the South Ayrshire School Christmas Banner Competition.

Every year South Ayrshire Council run a competition kindly sponsored by Owen Kerr Signs for school children to design banners to go up in Ayr as part of the Christmas festivities. The competition is also open to college students.

Our budding artists visited the premises of Owen Kerr to see their designs turned into banners which everyone can enjoy over the festive season. 

Owen Kerr said: "We are delighted once again to sponsor the Christmas Banner Competition. 2015 has seen a record number of entries. As usual it has been a pleasure to see the creativity from the children and students, deciding on the winning designs was a challenge, as all entries were excellent." 

Primary school winner Daisy Redman (aged 7) said: "I got the idea for my Christmas picture because I love snow so decided to draw a snowman. I made my picture in one day at an after school club and I used pastels to make it because they are different and I don't have any at home. The teacher came into my gym class and in front of the whole school, told me I had won the competition, I was very excited. All my friends are excited too and say that I'm now famous!"

Secondary school winner Emma Hughes (aged 14) said: "I went to my Nana's house and we looked at old Christmas cards she had and that was my inspiration for my drawing. Together, we decided it would be nice to create a Christmas themed drawing including the 3 Kings. I decided to use felt pens and pencils to create my drawing."

College winner Iain Melvin said: "The inspiration for my Christmas image came from my children. When I was younger, I remember lots of snow at Christmas time and wanted to create an image that could show my children what Ayr looks like in the snow. I used ink and Photoshop to create the design."

Look out for these colourful banners on Ayr High Street. There are lots of activities taking place across South Ayrshire during Christmas and the New Year, Christmas shopping, pantomimes, shows and entertainment. To find out more go to

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