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Team contact information

Our Sports Development Team are based at the Citadel Leisure Centre in Ayr. We work closely with individuals, clubs and external organisations to develop sporting opportunities within our authority.

Alistair Mutch - Sports Development Team Leader
Tel - 01292 617616

Steven Noble - Sports Development Officer (Outdoor Sports and Junior Golf Enquiries)
Tel - 07967313706

Dawn McGeachie – Sports Development Officer (Athletics, Dance and Racquet Sport Enquiries)
Tel - 01292 617654

Catherine Malcolm – Sports Development Officer (Activity Centres)
Tel - 01292 616238

Katie Campbell – Swimming Development Assistant (Swimming Enquiries)
Tel - 01292 616307

Linda Kelly – Sports Development Assistant (Gymnastics Enquiries)
Tel - 01292 612391

Gareth Turner – Community Sport Hub Officer (Community Sport Hub Enquiries)
Tel - 01292 612607

Janey Anderson – Health Development Officer (Health and Lifestyle Enquiries)
Tel – 01292 612849

Colin Duthie – Sports Development Officer (Disability Sport Enquiries)
Tel - 01292 616238

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