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Multi bin system

95% of houses in South Ayrshire have multiple wheelie bins as part of our kerbside recycling service. If a wheelie bin isn't suitable then an alternative service will be offered, e.g. survival bags, a box collection or other appropriate method.


  • The green bin is for unsorted general refuse.
  • The blue bin is for papers, magazines, glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, plastics and cardboard.
  • The brown bin is for organic garden waste.
  • The food waste caddy is for food waste.

Bin collection

Find out when your bins will get uplifted.

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What goes in each bin?

What happens after collection?

The contents of the blue bin will be processed at a materials recycling facility and the wastes passed on for recycling. We can now take cleaned plastic food containers, yoghurt cartons etc. as well as glass bottles and jars in our blue bins.

The contents of the brown bin will be processed at a centralised composting facility and the compost utilised for landscaping, derelict land re-development, agriculture, or for sale.

The contents of the food waste caddy will be digested at a specialist processing plant and will be used to generate renewable heat and power, feeding into the national grid.

For any enquiries or assistance about the Council's kerbside recycling services please call the Recycling Helpline telephone number: 0300 123 0900.

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