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The Adventures of Tam O'Shanter

Where: The Old Watt Brothers Store, High Street, Ayr
When: Saturday 29 October 2016 at 10,11.30am,1.30,3pm View all dates

As part of the Tamfest halloween festival, WarCry Productions presents...

The Adventures of Tam O'Shanter!

Poor Tam just cannae get a break. All he wants to do is hang oot with his pals. But he's stuck in the hoose doing chores. Then when he does get oot to play he is pestered by all manner aw spooky witch and unnatural beastie. Tell ya whit, why don't you pop down tae the former Watt Brothers at the bottom of the High Street and gi him a wee hand. Would be awfy braw if ya did, ya ken?

The Adventures of Tam is an irreverent re-telling of Tam O Shanter fir wee yins aged 3-8. Learn how to cackle like a witch, wail like a banshee and dance like no one's watching.

Time(s): 10am, 11:30am, 1.30pm and 3pm


This event takes place on the following dates:

29/10/2016, 30/10/2016

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Name: WarCry Productions

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