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Fees and charges

The following fees and charges are required for Environmental Health services and licences.

Service or licence Fee
Pest Control Domestic Treatmemnts £46.25 (VAT inclusive)
Pest Control Commercial £97.84 (exclusive of VAT)
Riding Establishments £264.75*
Pet Shops £100*
Breeding of Dogs £100*
Animal Boarding £100*
Dangerous Wild Animals £288.30*
Zoo licence £288.30*
Performing Animals £100*
Homeboarding £100*
Skin Piercing/Tattooing Premises licence £337*
Skin Piercing/Tattooing Personal licence £240*
Skin Piercing/Tattooing Lectures (per hour) £29.42 (exclusive of VAT)
Export Certificates - Health (ISP and Grants) £24.24*
Port Health - Ship Sanitation Certificates Relative to tonnage
Private Water Supplies Relative to specification*
Noise - Silencing of Intruder Alarm Invoice amount + £12.92 admin charge
Immigration Inspection - Housing Inspections £100
Contaminated Land/Private Water environmental information requests £100 for first 3 hours, £30 per hour thereafter

* VAT exempt

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Last updated: 7 April 2016

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